Introduction to Avery for Small Businesses

Avery has been helping small businesses with product and address labels since 1935. We’ve even published research about it.

We know that finding the right label for your products can sometimes be overwhelming. We are here to help with tips and advice to make sure you choose the best label and design to power-up your business and create products and packaging that stand out from the crowd.

Whether you are making products from your kitchen table, selling on Etsy or you’re scaling up into retail, we’ve got the solutions. Customise your labels and stickers by choosing the correct materials and sizes, then use our free Design and Print service to print yourself. We can even print your labels for you, just head over to WePrint service.

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We've been supplying small businesses with labels for over 10 years and understand how much they impact product and packaging perception. Our labels are tiny yet mighty! They can create excitement, drive sales, increase brand awareness and help build customer loyalty. This got us to question… what is the science behind this? We then commissioned a psychological study into the power of labels to further understand how it affects product and packaging.  

In this study, one busy psychologist read through 159 academic papers on existing research to collect all the information out there. After a lot of reading, there was still more to be discovered, particularly to do with the label design and its impact on the psychology of a customer. So we set up an experiment using fancy eye-tracking machine to track where different label designs lead the eye. Following this, we interviewed 1,018 volunteers to examine the logical and behavioural parts of the label design.

The research found many interesting facts regarding small details we often overlook. First of all, choosing the right label for the job means getting your size, shape and material right. If you're creating a new ice cream flavour you're going to want a long-lasting, water and freezer proof label. As it's going on the top of a circular lid, then you'll need a round shape and you'll need to measure the right size so it's not too big or too small. Secondly, you'll want to use more than one label but keep the message clear, don't confuse your customers with very different designs or messages. We also learnt a lot about label design - what works well, what holds interest and what increases customer loyalty as they'll never forget your brand after seeing it. 

Sounds interesting? Download our guide to the power of a label and power up your small business. If you want new tips, examples and great discount codes, sign up to our newsletter. We’ll speak to you soon!

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