Custom Removable Stickers & Labels

Stickers without the commitment! Our high-quality removable stickers are made to stick and remove cleanly once you don't need them. They're available on sheets as either blank labels to print at home or printed SRA4 sheets with our print service. Fully customisable with our free design software, check them out.

Design your removable stickers

When it comes to designing removable labels they can be as simple or as complex as you want. If you're printing with our print service we recommend using lots of colours as we'll be able to print bright and vivid colours. However, if you're printing at home choose a simpler design that won't drain your printer ink. 

Don't have time to design your own? See our templates.

What are removable labels?

Removable label stickers have a low tac adhesive, so they'll stick to what you want them to but they can easily be removed leaving no residue behind; saving you time and energy. Avery removable stickers are available in paper, white plastic and clear plastic. Paper is a high-quality recyclable,  biodegradable and cold-resistant material, available as blank sheets or through our print service. White plastic removable is easy to apply and durable and only available through our print service; as is clear removable plastic which comes with free white underprint to ensure vivid colour printing. 

We offer a matt finish for all our removable materials but you can also choose gloss for each when using our print service. Choose from over 15 shapes and sizes in any quantity and create the perfect temporary label solution you can put onto products, glass or use for home organisation. 

What can removable labels be used for?

Completely customise removable paper labels to all the needs you have. Maybe you run a shop and need labels to pop on clothes or hangers but would like to take them off after a few weeks, this easy peel and removable labels are just for you. A benefit for our coffee and confectionery producers is that you can now offer a resealable label so that your customer can keep the contents in the bag fresh for later consumption or use. 

Removable labels are perfect for your home kitchen organisation! Label your spice jars to make your kitchen space organised. If you ever feel like changing the labels you can as the labels will peel off, easily with no residue.  Removable plastic labels, as well as removable clear plastic labels, are perfect for use for cosmetic products with squeezable containers.

Clear removable is the perfect label for those containers that are meant to be re-used- particularly on glass ones because it looks so good- the transparency gives a printed-on look. 

You can use our professional UK print service where we take great pride and care in our label print quality.  Simply upload a design, create your own or use one of our templates!

If you prefer to print your labels yourself and have a laser or inkjet printer then you may want to use our removable sticker sheets, specifically designed to be used with home and office laser printers. These removable stickers are available as A4 sheets and come in many shapes and sizes. 

Related Questions

How to print removable labels?

To print removable labels you can either upload/create a design on our software, which we will then print and send to you, or you can order your own blank labels and print them yourself. Have a look at our printing guide if you need some more assistance.

Are there removable labels for a laser printer? 
Our removable labels are for laser and inkjet printers, both. 

Where to buy removable sticker paper? 

You can buy personalised removable stickers from us, you create your design and we print using our professional print service and ship straight to your door! You can also buy A4 sheets of removable sticker paper that you can cut and print yourself in the convenience of your own home.

Do removable labels always remove cleanly?

The low tac adhesive means they remove cleanly however please take care with delicate surfaces such as: 

  • Animal skins and natural fibres, e.g. suede, wool, silk.
  • Weakly bonded surfaces, e.g. flock, paper.
  • Some plastics, e.g. flexible PVC, thin films.
  • Certain treated surfaces, e.g. optical lenses.
  • Tarnishable metals, e.g. silver.

If you're not sure please test first with a small order or get a sample pack.