Re-usable Badge Holders & Inserts

The complete name badge package

Avery 4823 Badge Pockets
All Printers
20 Holders and 24 inserts
Avery 4831 Pin Badge Holders
All Printers
100 Holders and 104 Inserts
Avery 4822  Badge Holders with Clip
60x90 mm
All Printers
25 Holders and 32 Inserts
Avery 4821 Pin Badge Holders
All Printers
100 Holders and 108 Inserts
Avery 4820 Combi badge holders
All Printers
50 Holders and 50 Inserts
Avery Re-usable Badge Holders & Inserts

Avery offers a wide range of customisable badge holders with a variety of fasteners, including: combi-clip, pin, clips and lanyards. Each pack includes inserts made from FSC certified paper and the holders are PVC free.

The A6 badge holders are particularly popular when you need to display additional information, like agendas and event layouts.

Replacement inserts are also available in the most popular badge holder sizes. Don't forget custom labels to add a personal touch.