What images should you use on your label designs?

Our Label Stories research reveals….

Avery recently completed research into the importance of thinking further about your label and sticker design. The in-depth study revealed some of the most important factors to add to your label templates including text styles, colours, images and messaging.

One of the key things our research highlighted was the importance of using images on your label design. People say a picture paints a thousand words. Did you know that people process visual stimuli more rapidly and fluently than words? Our study showed that combining the use of colour, a picture, and an icon can help customers home in on your product more easily than a word-heavy label.

ELTAS Label Design Images Juice
ELTAS Label Design Images Cupcakes

But what images work best?

Labels that included a product signifier made products much easier to find and made people look at the item for longer. Examples of this from our experiments include an image of a bee on a pot of honey or a cupcake on a seal label for a cake company.

So, in simple terms think of an image that is linked to your product. This could be a key ingredient or something that people would associate with it such as glasses for a bottle of wine or knitting needles and wool if you make and sell knitted goods. 

ELTAS Idea Design Images Honey

Create your own label designs

In our experiments, when the product label included a product signifier for conserves, participants spent 21% longer than average looking at it. This is a simple but effective trick for getting customers to pay attention to your designs.

You can add product signifiers into your blank label designs using our Design & Print software. We’ve already got a huge range of images within the gallery or you can upload your own image. Once you have created a design you are happy with it, make sure you save it so you can apply the design to other products.

Discover other labelling ideas by downloading and reading the full research report here.

4 steps to a successful label design

Follow our simple steps to create the perfect label

Choose the right label

Adding a label increases the likelihood of a product or package being noticed.

Attract attention

Make labels eye-catching with key information that the brain considers important.

Engage with customers

Labels are more effective if they encourage thought, processing or deliberation.

Producing bahaviour

Well-considered, well-designed and well-placed labels encourage customers to act.

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