Candle Labels

Give your candles a touch of elegance and luxury with our custom candle labels and stickers. Our personalised candle labels can instantly change your candle into an essential home decor piece and transform the atmosphere into a cosy and welcoming place. 

All of our custom candle labels are available in different sizes, shapes, and colours and can be customised to make them unique. You can even choose the smaller details like the material and finish to create the best design that will compliment your candle. 

Design your Candle Labels & Stickers

We offer two different options for you to design the right candle label for you. You can buy custom blank labels, where you can choose everything from the finish to the colour. If you go with this option, we highly recommend our free Design and Print software, so you can easily print your designs onto your Avery products. 

Or you can design your own customised candle label designs and choose from creating your own design or uploading your own design. You can also pick from our range of shapes and materials. We also have a range of sizes suitable for any size candle, if you want more information, take a look at our candle label size guide

Need inspiration for a design? Our extensive range of candle templates can give you an idea of what kind of design you want to use for your candle. 

What can Candle Labels be used for?

Whether you are selling your own candles, giving them as gifts, using them as religious offerings, or using them as decor, a personalised label can give any candle a luxurious and comforting touch. 

Our different adhesive types can give your candles different looks depending on which type of label you choose. Our eco-friendly and recycled label materials are perfect for brands that are conscious of their environmental impact, whether it's to put on bees wax packaging or glass jars. The high-quality paper materials come in textured, matte or glossy to give your candles a premium look. If you want to put a label directly on a candle, our waterproof labels are heat and wax resistant for a more durable and safe option! 

With our free Design and Print software, there is also the option to design your own stickers and print them at home! We also offer delivery, where you can enjoy free delivery of over £40!

How our customers are using our candle labels


What can you include on a candle label?
Most candle labels have the name of the brand and their scent with an illustration or logo. Adding words like ‘luxury’ or ‘handmade’ can also make a big difference! You can also make a second sticker for the ingredients and essential oils used.

Do I need warning labels for my candles?
It is highly recommended to include a warning label for candles as they can be a significant fire hazard. It is common to put these on the outer packaging on the back to inform people how to use candles safely. If you want more information, take a look at our blog about candle warning safety labels. 

What is a CLP and do I need it for my candles?
A CLP stands for Classification, Labelling and Packaging, and is used to inform people of any mixtures, or substances that could potentially be hazardous. Although wax is not considered as part of CLP legislation, other components of candles like essential oils and fragrances could be. If you need help with CLP labels, take a look at our CLP label templates. 

What kind of stickers can I put on my candles?
It depends on what kind of candle you have! Our range of different adhesive materials means that there is something for you whether you are putting your label onto packaging or straight onto the candle! We would recommend against putting removable labels onto smooth wax as they have a low tac adhesive. Instead, you can try our popular waterproof labels, as they are also heat and wax resistant! If you are still unsure, you can order a material sample pack or take a look at our candle material guide!

Are your candle labels safe? 
All of our labels are heat-resistant, so are definitely safe to put on most surfaces. Our waterproof labels are heat and wax resistant, so you can also put them straight onto candles. Or you can use our removable labels for easy and quick peel-off!