Stickers by Shape

10 shapes including round, rectangle, square, oval, heart, hexagon, scallop, straight oval, lid seal and plaque

Round candle labels
Our most popular shape! Take a look at our selection and pick any round size up to 200mm
Rectangular labels on SRA4 sheet
We have a large range of rectangles all the way up to A4. Checkout our selection
Square jar Labels
A popular shape with our customers, we have a large range of sizes in all six materials
Heart shaped sweet labels
Pick from our two sizes (40 + 50mm), add your design and use them for a logo or messaging
Hexagonal labels honey
We offer two hexagon stickers (45 + 60mm) in all six materials, find which one suits you needs
We offer a selection of oval stickers in all materials, find a oval size that will suit you
If you're thinking about a round sticker, maybe change up to scallop. See scallops here
We offer one large straight oval sticker, most customers use this for jars and packaging
Wine label
We offer one large plaque sticker, they look good on bottles, packaging and boxes
Perfect to seal a jar or pot to keep products fresh, made from paper so they're easy to open
A4 label
Create your own A7 to A3 personalised stickers