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Avery Small Business Case Study: the Power of Personalisation

The Avery Pricing and Retail Range makes product branding and pricing simple. Avery has a great range of customisable labels and stickers for products and pricing, as well as tagging and pricing guns. This range allows you to custom Design and Print blank labels for branding, mini labels which are ideal for pricing, cards and tags and pre-printed or printable neon coloured labels for promotions and sales.              

In 2016, the Product Manager of this range began working with a local small business owner who had reached out to Avery to request support with using the Pricing and Retail Range with a view to grow his business.

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Salt Dog Cycling

The company

Salt Dog Cycling is a UK Online Bike Shop run by cyclists, for cyclists. After being set up by owner Richard Sault in 2012, the business supplies a growing range of customers with an impressive array of cycling accessories from cycling parts, to clothing, to accessories.

power of personalisation

The brief

The Ecommerce industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In 2016 Ecommerce in the UK was worth 133 billion pounds, having grown 16% since 2015.As an online small business, Salt Dog Cycling is one of millions competing for space using online platforms like eBay, Etsy and Shopify. Ecommerce channels are placing focus now more than ever, on customer experience, starting with a ‘personalisation’ trend. Relying also on positive reviews to ensure high rankings, people selling via these platforms are looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd.

Based on this, Richard was looking for a way to improve customer experience through adding personalisation in a unique way. The Pricing and Retail Range offered him access to a wide range of easy, low cost ways to add a personal touch to customer experiences.

Avery product labels

The approach

We recommended that Richard try using a range of product labels, shaped labels, QR codes and coloured labels to personalise packages before sending them out to customers. These labels are a fantastic way to add a personal message to any product. With the Avery Design and Print Online tool, you can custom design your labels and choose from a wide range of pre-designs. As a business owner you can upload your branding straight to your label. You can customise each label individually, or all at one. Printing just the amount you require saves you money.

Following receiving these labels Richard began using Design and Print Online to upload his company logo, brand visuals, website information and include a personal message. These labels were then placed on the top of packaged items before being shipped.  Richard commented, ‘I really like it. I think it's what I imagined the brand as a whole being - not just a faceless online shop stacking it high and selling it cheap, but a bit more personality and... You can talk to us and trust us.’ Richard decided to take this one step further and began to use these labels as well as card products to offer customers free gifts such as coffee and promote competitions using social media to grow his online presence and customer interactions.

Avery product labels

The outcomes

Using personalised labels resulted in increased repeat purchases and an increased amount of ‘excellent’ online reviews.

• Richard received feedback faster than usual when using personalised labels.
• Social media interaction with the Salt Dog Cycling brand increased particularly over Facebook and Instagram with customers commenting on the ‘fantastic personal service.’
• The Salt Dog website received a 3% increase in visits over the space of 3 months following using these products.
• Richard experienced higher customer interaction, explaining, ‘I even had a customer even send me a photo of his shoes he ordered after a ride. He reviewed the product and said thanks for the coffee... This never happens!!’
• Richard found that the size of the font used for the customer’s name and the type of font makes a big difference between getting rave reviews about a product, or just getting regular ebay feedback. Richard claims, ‘the bigger the text for names the better the response.


salt dog cycling

What Salt Dog Cycling Said:

The great thing for us using Avery Labels at Salt Dog Cycling is that as a small business selling online, we are able to stand out from the crowd by giving a friendly personal experience to our customers that other bigger online shops just aren't able to give. Using a simple thing like a label with a customer's name on it changes a fairly faceless online transaction into a friendly, personal experience. It’s also a unique way to communicate promotions and encourage social interaction. A happy customer means a happy Salt Dog Cycling. A customer that tells their friends and gives great reviews is great for online businesses.’ - Richard Sault, Managing Director, Salt Dog Cycling.

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