Personalised Candle Dust Covers
Design Your Own Custom Candle Covers - Professionally Printed

Create Your Own Custom Candle Dust Cover

Welcome to our professional printing service! Here at Avery we take great pride in our print quality. Our mission is to provide small businesses with the high-quality printed products they want and need for their businesses. We are pleased to welcome all order sizes whether large or small, we have a very low minimum order amount, so you can order from just 12 covers.

Candle dust covers are not only functional in protecting your candle from dust, damage and debris, it is also great for introducing another touch point for your customer to see your brand. To use the candle, the cover has to be removed, so this means the user has to actually physically touch the cover - so we love it when the brand looks so good or features a special message sure to excite and engage. 

Create your perfect design and we'll provide the custom printed covers to your door! Order your personalised candle dust covers for your products today!

What Do I Need To Order Candle Covers?

Creating a custom candle cover could not be simpler. Follow these steps to get the perfect order!

1. Get the right size. Measure the edge-to-edge from the inside of your candle jar. We recommend taking this measurement and dividing by 1.025 (example 10 cm / 1.025 = 9.75 cm). Then choose the nearest size, this allows some wiggle room and means the cover candle be removed easily and also allows for some wick movement.

2. Get the right design. Got a design for your candle cover already? Simple, just upload it, check it and order. Want to create a design? Sure, we've got you, simply select size and start designing. Using our FREE Design Software you will be able to access designs or create your own in just a few steps.

3. Check and order. Might be obvious, but after you have created your custom candle dust cover, check the print proof. Make sure the hole for the wick is where you would expect as well as checking the size again. Remember we want the cover to just slip in without being forced.