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We get that not everyone is a print expert, so if you are a bit unsure we offer an additional artwork check service where your submitted print is checked by our artwork team to make sure it will print perfectly, so you can sit back and relax knowing your order is in safe hands.

  • Each order is checked by a graphic design team member against various print tests.
  • Each order using the artwork check service will receive a report confirming that the print artwork either passed or needs some additional work for it to be print-ready.
  • Whenever your design artwork requires any changes, we will communicate this to you and ensure that all the necessary fixes are made to get your order to print perfectly.

What is included?

✅  Bleed - checks if background print reaches artwork edge

✅  Colour - checks for RGB and changes to CMYK if present

✅  Resolution - checks image quality

✅  Alignment - checks alignment is centralised

✅  Background - checks if background is transparent on applicable materials

✅  Legibility - checks if writing is legible

✅  Layers - checks if the document contains layering errors

✅  Visual Inspection - final check for obvious errors

How it Works

✅  Bleed - checks if background print reaches artwork edge

✅  Colour - checks for RGB and changes to CMYK if present

If you feel you don't need the additional checks that is okay. All orders are checked for basics such as colour and bleed as standard.

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How it Works

Artwork check

Step 1

Choose your level of check

As you create your order for custom printed products, you will notice the option of adding artwork check to your order. If you would like additional checks made to your order, please check this box.

The cost is £9.98 per design line. Please see above for what is included for this service.

Should you not want to use this service, please be assured that basic checks are still made, checking for colour and bleed.

Printing is technical, so print files and language can get complicated. We will always try to catch errors where we can, but can't guarantee this for orders that have not used artwork check service.

artwork check

Step 2

Check your inbox in case of amends!

After your order has been received, someone from the graphic design team will endeavour to make the checks as soon as possible. All orders will be checked within 24 hours for working days or for orders placed over the weekend, checked on the next working day.

If your order has failed any of the checks, a member of the design team will email you a copy of the report outlining steps to fix before you re-supply and we send to print.

In some instances if the changes are minor and DO NOT materially effect the design, the design team may rectify these issues on your behalf to get the order printed and shipped quickly.

It is essential that you submit and monitor a valid email, as contact will be made here. Once a report has been sent, the order will be on hold until confirmed. We will notify you of the status via email. If we don’t hear from you after 2 days, we will send a final email reminder. And if we still don’t get a response after a total of 4 days, then we assume you are happy with the design and we’ll get it printed and shipped.


Step 3

Sit back and wait for the perfect print

Once any changes have been confirmed, your order will be sent to print immediately and should arrive with you shortly after!

If any changes have been made throughout the process, you will be sent the updated PDF file, which should be used in the future, as this is the checked, verified and print ready file. We recommend you make a note of this and use this design for future orders of the same design.

Should you want to use artwork check service for this design again or for any other orders in the future, you can do this at the point of purchase when creating a new product. 

Other terms & conditions of service

Whilst we will try our best when checking your artwork, spelling, punctuation and grammar are not included. However, if the team spot anything they will always try to raise this, but please do make your own checks prior to printing.

When there is an issue with the design, contact will be attempted via the email address provided on the order. Please check this email is active and monitored. In the event that we receive no contact after 2 working days, we will continue to print the order so as not to delay your order. After this, unfortunately we can't be responsible for any print issues relating to any of the issues raised.


If you require your order urgently you can still select Express shipping. If your order requires additional work though to get it print ready, this could potentially cause a delay to your order. We will however work to always honor orders with Express shipping in the fastest way possible.

You don't need to use the artwork check service. We conduct some basic checks anyway to ensure that your file will be printed okay. Artwork check is for those people wanting some more checks to be done to make sure the order will come as expected.

Someone checking your order is perfect for peace of mind, but it is up to you whether you want to use this service or not.

Anyone who is buying a custom printed product has the option to add artwork check service to their order as they are choosing what material, size and shape they want and prior to uploading artwork.

We think that the people who will benefit most from this are people custom printing for the first time or those who are placing a large order and want the assurance it will be fine first time!

The artwork check service is available on:

  • Custom printed labels (sheets)

The service is not available on:

  • Custom printed stickers (single)
  • Custom printed tags
  • Custom printed cards, greeting cards, postcards, business cards etc
  • Custom printed labels on a roll
  • Blank labels
  • Pre-packaged products

Should you have any questions, please reach out to our UK Customer Service team who can assist you at [email protected].

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