Small Business Starter Kits

Kick start your business with with these label kits for just £24.95

When you  are starting your business, you will probably have a to list as long as your arm, so we've created some quick start kits which give you everything you need to brand and label your product! Kits include thank you for your order cards, business cards and a variety of labels for you to design and print on for product labels, shipping labels and packaging labels.

Starter Business Packs

Each business starter pack gives you the perfect amount to get started with. We know that when setting up a business or moving from a hobby to something more it is stressful and hard to navigate what you need. At Avery we know labels and giving customers the ability to label their products effectively is kind of what we do!

In the pack you will receive enough material to get you through your first trading period, whether this is going online to sell or at a local craft fair. You will have enough to brand, label and ship 30 products.

Included is also a helpful booklet outlining the steps to take to create a great label for your brand and product. 

With 3 kits to choose from, there will be one for you. Choose from a generic kit, one specific to candle making and one for food/drink products.


Generic Business Starter Kit-2_0.jpg

Generic Business Starter Kit

  • Perfect blank canvas
  • Suitable for any business
  • Includes everything you need
  • Design, Print & Create at home
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Food Business Starter Kit-2.jpg

Food Business Starter Kit

  • Perfect for food & drink brands
  • Label your product effectively
  • Includes everything you need
  • Design, Print & Create at home
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Candle Business Starter Kit-2.jpg

Candle Business Starter Kit

  • Perfect labels for candle makers
  • Comply with CLP requirements
  • Includes everything you need
  • Design, Print & Create at home
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Related questions

Do I need a starter kit?

Of course you don't need to buy one of these kits, but we wanted to have a simple pack for people who want a quick way to start. Nor right for you, you could always buy individual blank label sheets from us in any size, quantity or material you want to print in the comfort of your home. Note sure about that, you can use our professional print service and have them printed and shipped to you! Choose from a wide choice of materials, shapes and sizes, quickly upload your design or create one from scratch using our FREE software.

What do I get?

You get a variety of label sheets in different sizes and shapes, which you can print at home on your printer. Simply upload a design or create one from scratch using our FREE software to get your design and away you go! In the pack, you get enough labels, business cards, thank you cards to cover everything from the product label, to the price label, to a thank you card to the shipping label

What is the difference between the 3 kits?

Whilst any blank label sheet can be completely unique, the 3 kits are slightly different as candles need a more specific size labels due to the form factor of candles and the legal requirement for a CLP label. The generic kit has a more general size of labels included.

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