Clear Labels

Buy clear labels that are fully transparent and get that “no label” look. You can buy printable clear labels on A4 sheets for laser printers or save yourself time and effort with our professional print service. Fully customise your stickers’ size, shape and finish, select the exact quantity you need; we’ll print and deliver to your door. Bonus: we also have design software and templates.

Design your Clear Stickers

You may be wondering which designs go best on clear labels and how you can ensure your labels are actually see-through. We recommend using colour and leaving plenty of transparent background for the clearness to show through.

Don't have time to design your own? See our templates

What are Clear Labels?

Avery’s clear labels are made to last. As they’re made from see-through plastic, they’re durable and waterproof with a permanent adhesive that ensures they stay put; with no peeling. However, if you wanted removable clear stickers, we’ve got that option too. It’s the exact same material with a semi-permanent adhesive. These are available from our print service which uses quality printing and laser cutting for the perfect finish. We also use a white underprint on every sticker to make the colours pop at no extra cost. 

Our print service also offers eco-friendly clear stickers, they’re made from wood pulp, a unique material that suits eco-conscious people and businesses. Due to their fabulously crystal-clear nature, our labels can add that much-needed finishing touch to many different products such as glass bottles and jars, or make unique logo stickers.

What can Clear Labels be used for?

Transparent labels allow you to take a design that you can print on the exact sticker you want while retaining the see-through elements wherever you'd like. This means you can use them for almost anything! Most commonly clear sticker labels are used on glass as that provides a printed-on look without any of the cost. Small business owners often use clear labels for honey jars, cosmetic bottles, juice bottles and even alcoholic beverages. The benefit of using clear stickers is that whatever is inside can still be seen through the sticker. Our print service also ensures they’re food-safe so no need to worry about adding them to any food packaging. When using our print service make sure to choose the right varnish, a matt varnish will make the clear labels translucent for a frosted look, whereas a gloss varnish will make them fully transparent for a no-label look.

Not sure what design you’d want to use? See our templates. 

Vegan and Eco-Friendly Clear Label Stickers

Not all labels are made vegan. Yes, you heard it here first. There's a component included in some papers that contains animal bi-product but you don't need to worry about that with our clear stickers.

Our clear plastic labels are made from transparent plastic that's 100% vegan. This is perfect if you're a cruelty-free consumer or just trying to do better for the planet and animal welfare. The inks and varnishes used by our Print service are also vegan. 

Our eco-friendly clear labels are made from wood pulp and have the OK Compost Industrial certification from TUV; the inks we print with are also certified compostable. Who would have thought a clear compostable label ever existed? Easy to apply and ideal for sustainable product packaging for cosmetics, food and drink containers. Don't worry it looks just like normal plastic, with no cloudiness or uneven texture to worry about; a truly sustainable alternative. 

Related Questions

How to print clear labels?

Use an image with a transparent background. Ensure the file you upload to print is a PNG. Learn how to remove backgrounds.

How to apply clear labels without bubbles?

Ensure the surface to which you are applying the sticker is clean and dry, use isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth to clean the area before application. When applying the label to a curved surface put pressure from the middle out, on a flat surface apply from the outside in. Press all over firmly to remove any bubbles and allow the adhesive to set. Learn more about label application.

Can you print white ink on clear labels?

Normal printers only have black or coloured ink, there’s no white ink available. Only professional printers can print white ink on clear labels.  Our print service uses state of the art printers that are able to apply white ink to the surface of the label. if you’re printing with us just include the white in your design and we’ll take care of the rest. You may also like to benefit from a white underprint to make the colours pop, which we add for no extra cost.