Custom Coloured Labels & Stickers

Get the coloured stickers you need with Avery. We have two things to choose from: coloured labels for printing or custom printed. Our blank label sheets come in set colours that you can print at home or use our print service where we can print the exact colour you need.  You can use our free software to create a design or just upload your own, we'll help you print or print for you, all delivered to your door. 

Design your coloured stickers

If you need to create a design for your coloured sticky labels but aren't sure where to start you can use our free design software or create your own design and upload the finished file. 

Don't have time to design your own? See our templates

What are coloured stickers?

Our labels come in a variety of colours, from recycled brown paper to neon pink. They're all made from paper with a permanent adhesive. Our cream stickers are made from a luxury textured material whereas our brown paper is made from 100% recycled material. Primary coloured stickers (red, blue and yellow) are often used for filing purposes whereas our neon colour sticker paper gets used in stockrooms and manufacturing facilities, both can be used to label shelving, drawers, binders and more. We also have metallic silver and gold sticker materials that add a luxury touch and can be used for logo stickers, product labels and more.

What can coloured labels be used for?

You can buy coloured labels for printing at home through our website, just select the size, shape, colour and the exact number of sheets you need.  Use our free templates once they arrive to create your design and print or just write on them! This option often suits anyone looking to organise labels either for a storage room, filing system or manufacturing facility. We can provide lots of brightly coloured sticky labels to help you visually differentiate different areas or purposes.

Not sure your printer is up to standard? Don't worry we can save you time and ink with our professional print service. Again choose your size, shape and colour, in this case, you can choose any material we'll print the colour onto it.  Create your design or upload one and we'll print and deliver it to your door. This option often works best for small businesses that need a consistent and high-quality finish for their product labels. Our labels are able to stick to most surfaces such as glass, metal, wood and plastic, making them the perfect label for products. 

Some of our coloured sticker paper has special qualities  such as our silver which is waterproof and highly resistant. Our brown kraft is made from 100% recycled materials and cream textured paper has a high wet-strength. Our other coloured materials are made from normal paper so don't have any special qualities. 

Related Questions

Does Avery have coloured labels?

Yes, Avery has a wide range of coloured labels including red, blue, yellow, green and orange as well as fluorescent versions. They're all made from paper with a permanent adhesive. You can also use our print service to get custom colour stickers.

How much do coloured stickers cost?
Our coloured sticker paper starts at £5.80 for 1 sheet. Custom printed colours and designs start at £12.00.

How do I place an order for colour stickers?
Simply head to our label configurator, and select the colour, quantity, size and shape you need. If you want to print at home that's all you need to do but if you'd like us to print it just create or upload a design with our software. We'll deliver your labels to your door.