Custom Swing Tags
Design Personalised Swing Tags For Products & Clothing

What is a swing tag?

A swing tag is a a piece of card, can be any shape or size, which is attached to something at one end, usually this will be via a string. Because the tag is attached at one end, it normally swings and moves freely when the product it is attached to moves. Each personalised tag has a neat hole for you to add the string, ribbon or twine f your choice through to match the style of your event or brand.

Our personalised swing tags are used mostly for products requiring really impactful branding or needing to get across more information such as a tag for ingredients or a promotional tag.

Create your own custom swing tags

Custom swing tags are the perfect thing for products needing a personalised and high quality tag. Our high quality card stock card is sturdy, hard wearing and feels premium to the touch. With a wide range of size options and shapes available, there is a product tag for every product. Swing tags are a great finishing touch whether you want to display your brand name or logo or a list of ingredients. Need to get more information on your product, use our product labels as well.

Swing tags are also perfect for occasions and events, from birthday tags to wedding tags, great for favours and gifts - they add a premium and artisan vibe to anything they attach too!


How to use custom swing tags

Custom swing tags are great for products, gifts and favours needing some extra branding or information. Think premium chutney vibes at Christmas. Hang tags make your product stand out and give a tactile point of engagement which can really help when building a strong brand. Learn more about swing tags in this blog.

Double sided designs are great for maximum branding or informational space and provide great impact. Add even more impact with some colourful or decorative string, or why not try twine for a rustic feel.

We love seeing tags used to add a personal message, whether this is on a wedding favour or on a product.

Our favourite designs are where it compliments the product perfectly and becomes an extension of the packaging, check out the example on the right!

Whatever the design, our team of print experts will lovingly create your order to your design in our UK production facility. Meaning your personalised swing tags will be printed, made and shipped to you quickly.