Custom Glossy Stickers & Labels

Let your designs shine by using custom glossy stickers. This beautiful finish reflects light and enhances and protects your printing. You can do your own glossy sticker printing from home or use our print service to create personalised glossy stickers. Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials including plastic and paper. Take your designs to the next level with our signature high-gloss finish. 

Blank Labels Gloss Paper
  • White paper with a high gloss finish 
  • Order blank A4 sheets in any quantity
  • Select from a range of label sizes and shapes
  • Delivered to your door in 2-3 business days
  • Suitable for laser and inkjet printers
  • Free templates and design software
  • Prices start from £7.50
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Glossy Cosmetic pomade tin round label sticker
  • Multiple materials with gloss finish available
  • Choose from over 10 shapes in any custom size
  • Upload or create a design with our FREE software
  • Quality printing and white underprint at no extra cost
  • Delivered to your door within 5 business days
  • Easy to apply, strong adhesive. On SRA4 sheets
  • Prices start from £12.50
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Design your glossy stickers

When doing glossy sticker printing from home we recommend choosing a simple design with a few colours- this will save you printer ink and avoid any bleed issues. However, if you're getting custom glossy stickers from Avery, we'll print and deliver them to your door so you can go a little extra with the design. Use as much colour as possible, the gloss finish will make it pop. If you're using fun materials such as our glossy gold don't forget to leave a transparent background and maintain a bright colour palette to stand out.

Don't have time to design your own? Browse our free templates.

Our glossy materials

Small business thank you sticker
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Oval beer label on bottle Beer Label Size mm
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Removable plastic labels
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oil cosmetic clear rectangle label
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Label being removed off of bottle
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Removable clear labels
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Silver beard club cosmetic label
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gold paper products
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What are glossy labels & stickers?

A glossy label is created when a specialist gloss varnish is applied as a finishing coat to any label or sticker. It provides a high shine finish that captures light and attention. This gloss layer also provides protection when applied over ink, in the case of our custom glossy stickers it makes the text longer-lasting reducing scratching and fading.

At Avery, we offer over 6 materials with a gloss finish including paper, plastic and gold. If you want hard-wearing waterproof glossy stickers use materials such as plastic or clear. You can get a  luxury look with our glossy gold and silver or get a nice shine for cheap with paper; which is high-quality despite the low price. Not looking for a permanent solution? We also offer a glossy finish on our removable labels. 

What can glossy stickers be used for?

There are infinite uses once you create personalised glossy stickers. If you're ordering from Avery then we recommend using our print service to get the maximum benefit of glossy labels as we're able to offer so many more material and shape options. Fans of this finish say they make great product labels as the high shine finish creates a professional look. We've seen them used on products such as bottles, cosmetics, candles and more. One great use for Avery round glossy labels is as logo stickers! The great print quality and high shine finish are the perfect combo to create logo stickers that pop. 

You can also order glossy paper sheets to print at home available in a range of shapes and sizes - these come in loose sheets in any quantity you need. Often these are used by business owners or home users to create fun stickers for weddings, packaging, envelopes and more. The ease of being able to print what you need when you need it is really great. When printing from home customers often create colourful illustration stickers and thank you stickers. 

Gloss doesn't just need to be paper you can also create waterproof, durable stickers that are made from plastic to get that lovely finish with more benefits. These work great for plastic containers and bottles and stick to many surfaces such as cardboard and glass.

Our glossy labels in use

Paper labels/stickers rectangle 80 x 45mm gloss Megs scents

Paper custom colour rectangle 80x45mm gloss

Product label for wax melt jar

Clevedon candle co gold labels

Used a gold round 60mm gloss label for candle lids

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Customer: Conscious Moss Clear labels stickers rectangle 70 x 80 mm gloss

Clear Rectangle 70x80mm Gloss

Product label for premium natural sea moss gel

Customer: The Opulent candle company

Used a gold rectangle 70x50mm label

Gold Candle Labels

Related questions

Can you print on glossy sticker paper?

You can print on glossy sticker paper - if you have an inkjet or laser printer. Buy either glossy inkjet or glossy laser printer paper in any size and shape. We'll deliver to your door, you need to enter your code and print with your FREE template. 

How do you make glossy paper stickers?
You can make your own glossy paper stickers by using our print service, just upload a design and we'll print and deliver it to your door. But if you want to print from home you can purchase glossy sticker paper stickers and personalise using our free software and use our template to print. 

Can you use glossy sticker paper with an inkjet printer?
Yes, Avery offers glossy sticker paper suitable for inkjet printers. Simply put the paper in your printer, and use our free templates to create a design and print.  

Are Avery glossy white labels waterproof?
Some Avery glossy white labels are waterproof such as plastic with a gloss finish. You can buy this through our print service. 


Matt and gloss label finish comparison
White underprint on clear label honey jar
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