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Our Printed Stickers out in the wild

material waterproof labels bento cat

Waterproof Round 60mm

Vegan take away labels, delivering in Oxford

material paper round fudge

Waterproof Round 25mm

Luxury fudge, homemade in the heart of Worcestershire

material kraft rectangle biowashingup

Kraft Paper 100x47mm Matt

Refilling toiletries & cleaning products in East Sussex & Kent

material paper square chocolate baby

Plastic Square 60 x 60mm Gloss

Selling brownies and chocolate goodies based in Cheshire

Make your own Personalised Stickers

When you want to plan a fun giveaway, increase awareness of your branding or promote an event, personalised stickers are a perfect tool to use. Pre-printed, they are available in a fun variety of materials, so you can get the perfect sticker for your application. 

Whether you’re looking to add custom stickers to products jazz up your promotional materials, we can create the perfect sticker for the job! Alongside out more commonly selected materials (paper stickers) and shapes (round, rectangle and square stickers). we provide you unique materials and shapes to choose from. Maybe you specifically want heart-shaped stickers in pearlescent plastic? If you do, we have good news!). While we tend to recommend 35mm round and 40mm round paper stickers for basic logos, if you want to get creative with your branding or marketing strategy, you can.

We would recommend you look at finishes too - , matt custom stickers are the most popular, followed by gloss custom stickers, but we also offer a 'natural' finish for a few materials (which is another term for 'no finish').

How to Create Personalised Stickers

When designing a personalised sticker make sure you're using a high-quality image and upload it as a PNG if you want to have a transparent background with our clear material. If you're using these for your logo, go big so it can take up as much space as possible. Try to make sure the colours suit the CMYK colour model, as that's what they'll be printed in.

Something worth considering when you design personalised stickers are the shapes they come in. Our laser cutter only cuts through the face stock of the label and not the backing, leaving you with kiss-cut personalised stickers that are nice and easy to peel.

Create Personalised Stickers with Avery

Once you’ve uploaded your design and picked your sticker type, send in your order and we'll take a look. Our personalised stickers are made with premium materials and real care - we double-check every sticker is properly aligned before they leave the factory. If you have any questions about the order or print process just give us a call, we always love hearing from our customers.

We professionally print and deliver to your door in as little as three working days, and we offer a faster Express service which tries to turn around in two days for more urgent orders. Receive them in the post at home or at work and get ready to start applying; all our stickers come on A4 sheets meaning they are easy to take off and apply to a mixture of surfaces.

If you would like a free sample pack before going to order, get in touch and we'll post one out to you. We send all six material types with a short description of what they are made of cream textured paper, paper, clear, waterproof, plastic and brown Kraft paper. We also include all our sizes and shapes in a guide.

Order your personalised stickers from Avery for the best service and best results!

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