Small Business Advice

Helpful advice for small businesses

Tips and advice for small businesses, ranging from personalised product labels, stickers and packing, how to promote your products, to labelling up and posting your orders. We also offer products that are compliant with health and safety, such as our CLP stickers for candles and wax melts.

Whether you're a small start up or you have an online or retail shop, Avery is here to help you.

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Starter Business Packs
Kick start your business with with these label kits for just £24.95
Get your Candles ready for winter. Customise our seasonal Candle Label Design Templates.
Make your gifts Santa Approved with Avery labels
With these 3 ideas for quick ways to add Christmas cheer to your products and packages, your customers will remember you all year round.
Avery Strawberry Jam Labels
Find out how our label designs make our new Jam Labels stand out for your customers
Promo ELTAS Get Personal Hero
How to grab attention as quickly as possible
ELTAS Label Design Images Juice
Our Label Stories research reveals….
best practice label templates
Make your labels work harder for you
introduce emotion to your labels
Emotion helps you engage with your customers
Avery Product Labels
Think about the eyes, brain and hands
Promo ELTAS Bottle Labels Hero Image
Six handwritten fonts to get your labels noticed
Add additional labels
See what labels you should be adding to your packaging
Avery Round Labels
Discover how you can adapt this for your own business
product labelling
What should you consider when labelling food?
hero_pricing & retail_product labels
The Power of Personalisation
priming the brain
Bring science into your label design
Add additional labels
Why should you include more than one label on your packaging?
David Smith Artist uses Avery Labels to promote his business
Read how artist David Smith uses Avery labels and software to promote his artwork.