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apothecary logo design
Open Design
Open Design
embroidery art design
Open Design
vitateas pink design
Open Design
bellezza marble design
Open Design
botany soap design
Open Design
teal wash design
Open Design
laurel nursery design
Open Design
material waterproof labels bento cat

Waterproof Round 60mm

Vegan take away labels, delivering in Oxford

material kraft round hai cafe

Kraft Paper Round 40mm

Family run Vietnamese cafe in north east London

material waterproof labels rums bay

Waterproof Round 50mm

UK Rum based punch company loves to stand out at catering events

material clear labels doops

Clear Round 50mm Matt

A promo label for the band Doops

vegan eco

Make your own personalised logo stickers

Are you a small business or individual looking to customise your own personalised logo stickers? Using logo stickers can dramatically increase interaction, either gifting stickers at events can improve customer relations and be a unique way to show off your brand.

Your brand is important. It might feel intangible, but your brand is what sets you apart from your competitors. It conveys the characteristics of the product or service you provide to your customers or prospective customers and encourages people to find out more. Strong branding, clearly communicated can result in your products flying off the shelves.

Your logo is a key part of your overall branding. By creating your own logo stickers, you can apply your brand to multiple things. You can even get a set of logo stickers printed to include in mail outs, orders and any goodie bags that you give away. A reason companies of all sizes use stickers to promote themselves is that it is a physical and low-cost marketing strategy.

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