Avery How To guides

Software instructions and printing tips

Printing is easy with free software from Avery. We have been developing template and software solutions for over 20 years and we offer various free tools to help you print including Design & Print software, templates for Microsoft Word, downloadable Avery Wizard for use with Microsoft® Office® and apps for tablets and mobiles.

Whether you want to print address labels, CD covers, business cards or T-shirt transfers, we will be there to guide you at every step.  Our help guides and articles offer step by step instructions on our software, as well as offering general printing tips. 

And don’t forget, the Avery Consumer Centre is  always on hand should you get stuck.  

Design & Print is Avery's free template software
Avery Design & Print Template Software
Instructions and articles to help you make the most of Avery Design & Print Software
Avery Design & Print Software
General instructions guides to help you print perfectly, whether you are using Avery Design & Print software or Microsoft Word Templates.
Avery Templates for Microsoft Word
Instructions and articles to help you make the most of Avery Templates
Avery Google Docs Label Merge Add On
How to access Avery templates and import data using some of today's most popular software.