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Customer: Eve of St Agnes

Cream Paper Round 69mm Matt

Vegan friendly beauty products

rectangle pe rectangle flow beauty oil

Waterproof Rectangle 50x30mm

Beautiful handmade natural oils

material kraft rectangle ively

Brown Kraft Paper Rectangle

Face, Body and Bath Homemade Essential Oil Blends

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Make your own personalised cosmetic labels

We help many UK small businesses in the beauty industry, whether you have a skincare range or cosmetic line. Many of our cosmetic customers produce two types of labels, one usually goes on the front of for products such as their logo and the second goes on the back and includes their ingredients. If you're producing tester pots and samples of your cosmetics, adding a personalised label is a great way to get people to try your product and see your brand. Start by uploading your personalised brand logo onto a label and find the label size, shape, and material. If you would like a too see our cosmetic sample pack which includes all our combinations then get in touch and we can post out to you and you can match it at home against your product.

If you believe your cosmetic products will come into contact with a significant amount of water then look at our clear, waterproof, cream textured paper and plastic label materials. All our materials can withstand small amounts of water however paper and brown Kraft paper can't take much. All labels have permanent adhesive.

Remember Cosmetic Label Regulations

If your products are for sale, make sure you follow the UK regulations for cosmetic labels. Key points to be aware of are:

  • You need to clearly state the ingredients used
  • You need to show the equivalent of a best before the date for your product if your product is likely to degrade within 30 months of manufacture
  • Include an address within the EU (this is generally the address at which the product information file is available


It is worth thoroughly researching the cosmetic labelling requirements before planning your label design. This will make sure you have included all the necessary elements. EU cosmetic labelling requirements If you are selling your cosmetics outside of the UK and within the EU you need to be aware of the cosmetic labelling requirements for the EU, full details of which can be found at cosmetics Europe.

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