Custom Paper Stickers & Labels

It's no surprise paper is the most popular sticker material out there. It's super versatile and suits any need whilst the remaining budget-friendly. You can get our printable sticker paper in a variety of colours including white to print at home yourself or use our print service and customise every detail; either way, we'll print and deliver to your door.  Just in case you're wondering there's no difference between paper labels and stickers.

Blank White Labels
  • Multiple paper options available including white
  • Order blank A4 sheets in any quantity
  • Select from a range of label sizes and shapes
  • Delivered to your door in 2-3 business days
  • Suitable for laser & inkjet printers
  • Prices start from £4
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Small business thank you sticker
  • Multiple paper options are available
  • Choose from over 10 shapes in any custom size
  • Upload or create a design with our FREE software
  • Professional printing with matt or gloss finish
  • Delivered to your door within 5 business days
  • Easy to apply, strong adhesive. On SRA4 sheets
  • Prices start from £12
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Design your own paper labels

You can get really creative when designing paper stickers. We recommend going for bright colours and eye-catching designs. 

Don't have time to design your own? See our templates

Our paper materials

Small business thank you sticker
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Custom-printed recycled kraft labels
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Water Bottle Stickers
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Removable plastic labels
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gold paper products
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Oval labels
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Silver beard club cosmetic label
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White Paper
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Glossy Cosmetic pomade tin round label sticker
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What are paper labels & stickers?

Before we cause any confusion there's no difference between paper labels and stickers we have different names for the same thing. Our basic paper labels are made from bright white paper with a permanent adhesive and they're our cheapest option. However, we never compromise on quality so you still get great long-lasting labels which you can see without a finish in the video. It doesn't just end there though we also have eco-friendly options such as kraft and recycled paper or fancier options such as glossy, gold or textured paper.

Each of these has its own unique properties such as being splashproof or made from recycled material. If you're wanting to print bright and bold colours from home you can also buy blank sheets in multiple colours such as red, green blue and even fluorescent. 

What can paper labels & stickers be used for?

To get your hands on paper stickers you need to purchase them through our website where we have two main options: print yourself or print with us. Paper labels are available on blank sheets to print at home on a laser or inkjet printer. You can choose from 1 sheet to 1000s and a range of shapes and sizes. Once they're delivered you can use the unique code provided to access a print template that you can edit to your liking with text or imagery and go ahead and print. Don't worry we have lots of support if you find it difficult. 

Our blank paper sheets are often used by small businesses to print their product labels, they're especially popular with candle makers as 60mm round make great CLP stickers. With blank sheets, you can create the exact amount you need whenever you need it so they're great for one-off uses too such as addressing or reward stickers. We have a brilliant community of teachers who often create fun stickers for the classroom or their students. Our blank sheets can really be used for anything.

If that sounds like too much hassle or you need something more personalised we've got you covered with our print service where you can create custom paper labels that we'll print and deliver. The great thing about our print service is that we have professional printers and cutting machines that can add matt or gloss finishes, give you straight or rounded corners, crate custom sizes and offer multiple shapes, more than you even knew possible. Our MOQ is really low compared to most printing companies so it's super easy to upload a design or create one with our software once you've chosen the size, shape, paper type and finish you want for your stickers. We'll also print and deliver quickly as we manufacture in the UK. 

Our custom paper labels are super popular with small business owners - with a gloss finish they make perfect product labels for bottles, jars, glass and paper. THe great print quality and low price make them perfect for logo stickers or branding stickers to place with every order. As they're so versatile they're also great for events such as weddings too. 

Our paper labels in use

Paper labels/stickers rectangle 80 x 45mm gloss Megs scents

Paper custom colour rectangle 80x45mm gloss

Product label for wax melt jar

Cream Textured Paper labels/stickers rectangle 64 x 38mm matt

Cream textured paper rectangle 64x38mm matt

Product label for candle jar

Clevedon candle co gold labels

Used a gold round 60mm gloss label for candle lids

Visit Clevedon Candle Co
material kraft round hai cafe

Kraft Paper Round 40mm

Family run Vietnamese cafe in north east London

Related Questions

How do I make my own paper labels?
It is really easy to make paper labels, you just need to know the size and shape you need, then buy blank sticker paper to print at home or use our professional print service that does everything for you. The labels will all come pre-cut to the size and shape you need and printed if you choose.

What's the difference between paper and vinyl stickers?
The main difference between paper and vinyl stickers is the properties they have. As vinyl is made from PVC plastic it's waterproof, durable and longer-lasting than paper. We don't offer that but we do offer plastic.

What is a paper sticker?
A paper sticker is made from paper, often bleached for a crisp white colour with an adhesive back which can be permanent or semi-permanent. They're provided on sheets or rolls and can either be printed on or custom printed. You can choose from a range of sizes and shapes. 

Printable Ruler
balsam candle safety line bleed
To apply your labels, you will need:

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