Six handwritten fonts to get your labels noticed

Why does the text style you choose matter?

The first thing a custom label or sticker must do is get your consumers to pay attention to it. In our scientific study into the secrets to successful label design, we discovered that the best performing labels included a handwritten font. This style of text performed much better at attracting attention and increasing engagement.

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Handwritten fonts makes your labels more appealing

In Design & Print we have many handwritten font styles which you can use for your own labels. Many of our label templates already include these fonts or you can simply highlight text and change it using the toolbar on the left of the software. To make it as quick and easy as possible we’ve selected six handwritten fonts you may like to try on your own labels.
1. Princess Sofia
2. Sue Ellen Francisco
3. Segoe Print
4. Hogarth Script D
5. Homemade Apple
6. Lakki Reddy

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What else should you consider when it comes to the text on your labels?
When two envelopes were presented, the one which used labels with a bold font rather than normal-weighting had a 12% higher probability that the label would be looked at first.
When a jar label used uppercase rather than lowercase, it was 8% more likely to be looked at first and was looked at for 7% longer than average.
It’s important you pay careful attention to the actual words you use on your labels. Have a look at our article about why you should use emotion in your label design.

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