Labels by Use

Our labels are ideal for a huge range of applications and environments that are sure to meet your needs

You can also create personalised labels and stickers... we even offer CLP stickers for safe use on Candles and Wax Melts!

Logo stickers for food packaging
Durable labels for food packaging
Bottle labels for gin, beer, water, wine and more.
personalised cosmetic labels
Professionally, oil & moisture-resistant labels for cosmetic packaging
Soap, bath bombs and body cream labels
Labels for business
Find branded labels, labels for events and logo labels for your business
WePrint Candle Labels
Time to make your creations shine! Add your own labels to soap, pottery, paper
Enjoy our envelope, shipping, box and packaging range, find the right labels
We have a wide range of specialist labels
Create professional looking labels in minutes for your bottles and dispensers