Trimmers & Guillotines

Paper cutters with precision and accuracy

The Avery range of paper trimmers and guillotines has something for everyone, whether it’s paper cutting at work, trimming photos at home, crafting or creating hand-outs and flyers for schools. Our precision and office guillotines will effortlessly cut through large volumes of paper saving time and effort, or if you only need to cut through a few sheets of paper or stickers, try our paper trimmers.

We offer the promise of free spares and advice should you need them and a guarantee of up to 7 years depending on the models. 

hero trimmers & guillotines
hero_trimmer & guillotines_photo trimmer
Super lightweight photo & paper trimmer
hero_trimmers & guillotines_office trimmer
Perfect for small regular cutting jobs
hero_trimmers & guillotines_precision trimmers
See exactly where you’re going to cut
hero_trimmer & guillotines_compact trimmer
Ingenious compact design that folds up easily
hero_trimmers & guillotine_office guillotines
A strong yet portable guillotine
hero_trimmers & guillotines_precision guuillotines
Ideal for those heavy duty paper cutting jobs