Custom Plastic Labels & Stickers

Selling food, beverage or cosmetic products? Plastic labels and stickers are a perfect choice as they are water-resistant. You can buy printable plastic stickers on A4 sheets for laser printers or save yourself time and effort with our professional print service. Fully customise your stickers’ size, shape and finish, select the exact quantity you need; we’ll print and deliver to your door. Bonus: we also have design software and templates.

Print your own Candle Labels with Avery!
  • Order blank A4 sheets in any quantity
  • Select from a range of label sizes and shapes
  • Delivered to your door within 2-3 business days
  • Print from home using free templates, laser printers only
  • Waterproof film with matt finish
  • Prices start from ¬£8.90
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White plastic labels and stickers
  • Choose¬† from over 15 shapes in any custom size
  • Upload or create a design with our FREE software
  • Delivered to your door within 5 business days
  • Waterproof film with gloss or matt protective finish
  • Easy to apply. Strong adhesive. On SRA4 sheets
  • Prices start from ¬£13.80
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Design your plastic labels

Designing plastic labels is quick and easy with Avery! If you order our printable sheets, launch our FREE design software and enter the software code provided with your labels. Save time with our professional print service and custom plastic stickers, decide which type of label you want with our intuitive configurator then upload or create a design, we'll do the rest.

Don't have time to design your own? Browse our template gallery.

Our print service plastic materials

Oval beer label on bottle Beer Label Size mm
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oil cosmetic clear rectangle label
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Waterproof bottle labels
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Silver Label
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square glossy white
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Compostable clear labels
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Removable Coffee Labels
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Removable clear labels
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Our Blank Plastic Materials

blank label sheets_waterproof
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Blank Clear Labels
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Ultra resistant blank chemical labels
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Avery Antimicrobial Film Labels
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What are plastic stickers?

When you need durable labels, plastic is your best choice of material: it lasts longer than paper because it is resistant to water, tears, oil and sun. If you are using our print service, we recommend choosing a matt or gloss varnish to prolong the life of your labels.

Plastic labels are also more flexible, they will be easier to apply on rounded surfaces like bottles and jars than paper labels.

We have a large choice of plastic materials to suit your needs. White plastic labels are the most popular and clear plastic stickers are also a great option for fancy designs and a no-label, see-through, look.

What can plastic stickers be used for?

Plastic stickers are perfect for products that will be stored in the refrigerator or freezer such as glass jars, bottles and food packaging and or in the bathroom such as soaps, cosmetics, shampoos and shower gels. They will stand up to condensation and spills, so you will have a professional-looking label no matter what. 

Our most resistant plastic sticker can also be used in more extreme environments for industrial usage. They remain water-resistant for at least 90 days in seawater (certified BS5609 section 2), resist extreme temperatures and have been tested against numerous chemical compounds.

Vegan and Eco-Friendly Plastic Labels

We are constantly working on reducing our impact on the environment. We have made sure all our plastic stickers well as the inks and varnishes used by our Print service are 100% vegan.

We also recently added to our a range of custom plastic stickers with eco-friendly plastics. They are made from wood pulp and have the OK Compost Industrial certification from TUV (so do our inks!). They are perfect if you are using compostable packagings and encourage your customers to compost them.

Our plastic labels in use

Avery Honey Labels Silver stickers rectangle 70 x 40 mm gloss

Silver rectangle 70x40mm gloss

Product label for honey jars

Customer: Reign Scents ft. Body wash, waterproof, clear matt 45x100 labels

Clear Rectangle 45x100mm Matt

Product label for Lemon Drizzle bubble bath

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Ecofriendly Clear Plastic labels/stickers rectangle 90 x 60 mm natural finish

Ecofriendly clear plastic rectangle 90x60mm natural finish

Product label for juice bottles

Plastic labels/stickers rectangle 64 x 38mm gloss

Plastic rectangle 64x38mm gloss

Product label for wax melt clam shell packaging

Related questions

How do you print on plastic labels?

Printing our plastic blank labels yourself is easy with our free templates and software (have a look at our printing tips). However, it requires a laser printer. If you only have an inkjet printer or if you want more professional results, we can professionally print your custom labels and stickers.

What labels will stick to plastic?

All our labels will stick to plastic. For rounded surfaces such as jars and bottles, plastic is easier to apply than paper labels, as they are more flexible and comformable.

What plastics is used for stickers?

Stickers can be made of different plastics, including:

  • Polypropylene: it is our most popular¬†plastic material.¬†It is waterproof, tear proof and oil resistant, perfect for food, beverage and cosmetic products.
  • Polyester: we offer this material for our heavy duty printable labels as it is better suited for outdoor usage.
  • Polyethylene: this is our most resistant plastic material, it will resist to almost anything (it is even certified to resist to 90 days in sea water!)
  • Wood pulp: this is a innovative plastic-like material used for our ecofriendly labels and is fully compostable.


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Matt and gloss label finish comparison
Removable label Avery being peeled off.
Recycled paper labels for soap

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