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Advertise your website, contact info, offers and more with our QR code stickers.
QR code formats

Generate QR Codes

Design & Print is Avery’s free label printing software, it allows you to create everything your labels and stickers need including barcodes with its free barcode generator that makes EAN, QR codes and over 15 other code types.

QR types include: Text, Email, URL, Phone Number, vCard, MeCard

Personalise QR Codes

Add your unique QR code to any sticker shape or size. Personalise with your logo, brand colours, text and images. QR codes can also be added to our business cards, tags and postcards.

Share QR Codes

Using a smartphone, customers scan the code to instantly open your website, social media page or promotional offers. Great for collecting reviews and feedback about products and services. 

QR code printing formats

Buy QR Code Labels Online

Take advantage of our professional printing service, which allows you to easily use our free QR code generator and order printed QR code labels online. Customise your labels online, and we will handle the rest using our latest digital presses.

The Avery QR code generator simplifies the creation and customisation of QR code labels. You can order your QR code stickers and labels in various formats, including sheet, roll, or single cut. This is perfect for marketing, inventory tracking, shipping, and more.

Remember, orders over £50 ship for free.

Watch how to create and add a QR code to your sticker

Video length: 1 minute 17 seconds

QR Code FAQs

Design & Print is Avery’s free label printing software, it allows you to create QR codes and 15 other code types with its free barcode generator.
Watch our short QR sticker video

Using the free Avery software you can generate the following QR formats.

  • Text
  • Email
  • URL
  • Phone Number
  • vCard
  • MeCard

Avery offers two ways to print QR codes.

1. Use our custom printing service and order professionally printed QR code labels online using the configurator at the top of the page. Pick the sticker shape, size, material and finish. You get an instant price and then you can use our free QR code generator. Design your labels online and WePrint and deliver them to your door.

2. Print from home using our wide selection of blank labels. To help you print, you will find a link on each product page to open the correct template in Avery Design & Print Online.