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Waterproof Labels made from White Teslin

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Our Printed Labels out in the Wild

material waterproof labels brickells

Waterproof Round 69mm Natural Finish

All natural craft ice cream, using milk. Made in Somerset.

material waterproof labels rums bay

Waterproof Round 50mm

UK Rum based punch company loves to stand out at catering events

material waterproof labels bento cat

Waterproof Round 60mm

Vegan take away labels, delivering in Oxford

material paper round fudge

Waterproof Round 25mm

Luxury fudge, homemade in the heart of Worcestershire

vegan eco

Make your own Personalised Waterproof Labels

Are you a small business or individual looking to print your personalised waterproof labels? Whether a homebrewing beer kit, a Mr & Mrs bottle of champagne for every table or a selection of the most unique garden furniture we have the perfect label for you. It goes without saying that our waterproof labels are, well, waterproof. But just how waterproof are they, I hear you ask…

Our waterproof labels have been created to combat the most unique of environments. Withstanding temperatures between -40 and 150°C, our waterproof labels have been tried and tested, and we can assure you, they also look perfect after being submerged in seawater for 90 days!

Not only is the material tough, durable and waterproof, but the inc we choose is anti-smudge, fade, tearing and scratch resistant! We can guarantee that your unique design will look (and stay!) first class come rain or shine. Made from the highest quality polyethylene, our waterproof labels won't let you down.

Top tip

Our waterproof labels are a great addition to a huge variety of products they are also oil and chemical resistant. If you’re looking to label cleaning products or other chemical-based products, this is the label for you. However, they are also the perfect choice for shampooslotions and cooking oils. If you’re unsure, get in touch with a member of the WePrint team who are on hand to ensure you get your label right first time around! We can also send out samples for free.

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