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Make your own personalised removable paper labels

Completely customise removable paper labels to all the needs you have. Maybe you run a shop and need labels to pop on clothes or hangers but would like to take them off after a few weeks, this easy peel and removable labels are just for you. A benefit for our coffee and confectionery producers is that you can now offer a resealable label so that your customer can keep the contents in the bag fresh for later consumption or use. This paper comes in all the finishes available (gloss, matt and no varnish) and comes in all the shapes and sizes we have in our range. This makes it a perfect easy-going and everyday label you can use for any purpose.

This paper is white with a premium paper look and feel, it acts similarly to the regular paper we offer which means the colours print vibrantly and professionally. If you are a small business looking for flexible labels that leave no mark, then give these labels a shot.

If you would like to take a closer look at our material range before purchasing, then give us a call or email and we'll pop a sample pack in the post. This shows you clearly the difference in our materials along with the pack with all our shapes and sizes so you can make the decision at home against your product or need before ordering online.

Please be aware though our removable labels have a special low tack adhesive they may cause damage to delicate surfaces such as: 

  • Animal skins and natural fibres, e.g. suede, wool, silk.
  • Weakly bonded surfaces, e.g. flock, paper.
  • Some plastics, e.g. flexible PVC, thin films.
  • Certain treated surfaces, e.g. optical lenses.
  • Tarnishable metals, e.g. silver.

However, the clean removability of removable labels depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to, environmental conditions, the period of time they are left applied, etc., and the material they are applied to. This makes things very complicated, however, they are easier to remove than our permanent labels. We strongly recommend you test our labels first with a small order or get a sample pack.

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