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Make your own personalised plastic stickers

Are you a small business or individual looking for personalised plastic stickers? Completely customise your plastic stickers with us. From packaging your animal-friendly cosmetics to labelling grandma’s homemade blackberry jam; our plastic stickers could be just what you need to bring your creation to life. Plastic stickers are tough, durable and extremely resistant, making them pretty perfect for products which may get messy from time to time.

Plastic stickers are ideal for liquid products as they can be wiped down as often as you need without ruining your perfectly amazing design! The material is also known to adapt well to any smooth surface whether you’re sticking to a glass jarplastic bottle or cardboard box.

Our plastic stickers are popular among many small business owners as they are typically one of our most versatile stickers. Better yet, each and every sticker can be printed right to the very edge meaning you can make full use of the space with your beautifully bespoke design.

Top tip

protective varnish is applied to each and every label to avoid any print deterioration from UV lights and reduce wear and tear, ensuring that what’s on the outside lasts for as long as what’s on the inside. This makes plastic stickers ideal for outdoor products such as plant pots, and cosmetic products such as anti-ageing creamsmud clay maskslip balms and more.

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