Custom Silver Stickers & Labels

Time to shine! Give a high-end and luxury look to your brand and products with silver stickers. Choose between printable silver sticker paper with a subtle satin finish (for laser printers only) and custom-printed silver labels with an eye-catching glossy finish. We offer a large range of shapes and sizes to choose from, and you can select the exact quantity you need.

Blank silver labels printable with a laser printer
  • Splashproof paper labels with a nice satin finish
  • Order blank A4 sheets in any quantity
  • Select from a range of label sizes and shapes
  • Delivered to your door in 2-3 business days
  • Print from home using free templates, laser printer only
  • Prices start from ¬£8.90
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Custom silver labels and stickers with glossy finish
  • Waterproof plastic labels with a breathtaking glossy finish
  • Choose from over 10 shapes in any custom size
  • Upload or create a design with our FREE software
  • Quality printing and white underprint at no extra cost
  • Delivered to your door within 5 business days
  • Easy to apply, strong adhesive. On SRA4 sheets
  • Prices start from ¬£15.60
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Design your silver Avery labels

If you want us to do the silver sticker printing with our print service, you can use any colour you want: we will add white underprint at no extra cost to make your text and illustrations stand out. Just make sure to use a transparent background where you want to see the silver colour. If you are printing silver labels yourself, we recommend that you use dark or vivid colours as pastel shades would not stand out.

Tip from our designer: to create labels with silver text, set your text colour as transparent and use a background colour on the rest of the label.

Don't have time to design your own? Browse our free templates.

Our silver label materials

Silver Label

For laser printers

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hero_labels_security labels_silver heavy duty labels_apr17

For laser printers

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Glossy silver labels

Only with our print service

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What are Silver labels?

Our most popular are made of a durable waterproof silver metallic film. Available only from our print service, they are tearproof, oil resistant and freezer safe: perfect for any use. When we print we first apply a layer of white underprint to make colours stand out and to finish we lay down a glossy varnish that protects the print and reflects light from every angle. Watch our video to see how gorgeous they are!

If you prefer to print yourself with your laser printer, we offer silver sticker paper with a large choice of shapes and sizes. If you are looking for printable labels with extremely resistant properties such as anti-tamper, we have 5 rectangle silver blank label sizes available in packs of 20 A4 sheets.

What can silver labels be used for?

Silver is a sophisticated colour associated with innovation, technology and modernity, which makes our silver materials popular choices for logo stickers for forward-thinking brands.  You can also use our resistant silver packs to mark electronic devices: they adhere well to metal, plastic, polycarbonate and glass, and resist up to high temperatures.

As a reflective colour, silver has a soothing effect with a perfect balance between female and male energies. It also has a playful side: think fun disco balls and late-night party decor! Our waterproof silver stickers are a great option for cosmetic labels and beer labels (don't worry, they are freezer safe!). They're also nice for gift stickers, jewellery labels or stickers for events. Just see how our customers have used them!

Our silver labels in use

Candle silver label from Coho Alto

Silver Square 60mm Gloss

Product label for candle container

Avery Honey Labels Silver stickers rectangle 70 x 40 mm gloss

Silver rectangle 70x40mm gloss

Product label for honey jars

hero_abels_security labels_silver hevay duty labels

Silver resistant labels used to mark a company laptop.

Silver Labels

Custom-printed round and rectangle silver labels used on Beard Club products.

Related questions

Where to buy silver sticker paper?

You can buy printable silver paper labels in a variety of shapes and sizes directly on our website. For more durable silver stickers, we recommend using our professional print service.

How to make silver stickers?

You can make silver stickers yourself using our printable silver paper, our free design software and a laser printer. However, only professional printers can print white ink. If your design includes some white elements, we recommend using our print service. You would also benefit from our white underprint and gloss varnish at no extra cost, they make colours stand out for a gorgeous result.

Are silver stickers waterproof?

Not all silver stickers are waterproof, but our custom-printed Avery silver labels are. They are even tearproof, oil resistant and freezer safe... what more can you ask for? Have more questions about waterproof stickers? Take a look at the top 10 questions we get about waterproof labels.



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