Buy Avery® Blank Gloss Paper Labels - Inkjet

Design and print in the comfort of your office or home, starting at £7.50 - suitable for inkjet printers

Ø 15mm
150 Labels per sheet
18 x 10mm
270 Labels per sheet
Ø 20mm
88 Labels per sheet
20 x 25mm
70 Labels per sheet
Ø 25mm
48 Labels per sheet
25 x 10mm
189 Labels per sheet
25 x 25mm
70 Labels per sheet
26 x 16mm
90 Labels per sheet
Buy blank glossy label sheets from Avery

Love paper labels and stickers, but they aren't shiny enough for you? Then try our gloss paper labels! These custom labels have been specially designed to work with your inkjet printer so that your labels can achieve a high shine look at home. These blank labels are also vegan, recyclable and biodegradable, so you can use them with a clean conscience. These printer labels can also be written on (we recommend permanent pens - to make sure what you write doesn't go anywhere), great for adding a handmade feel, or if you just need a label to use quickly. Gloss labels are freezer safe as well, so you can feel good knowing that they won't fall off leaving your meals a mystery! 

Thanks to our vast range of shapes and sizes, you won't be limited in what you can use them for, so let your creativity run wild! And if you can't decide why not try ordering 1 sheet from a few different styles, so you can work out what works best for you. If you are in need of some inspiration, try using these for organising (to remember where everything goes) or for address labels (when you send gifts), or how about designing some stickers (who doesn't love a stylish, shiny sticker)? The uses are endless, so why not have some fun with it!