Make Your Own Personalised Labels for Events
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Make your own personalised branded event labels

Are you getting ready for an event and looking for labels to complement? Whether a business conference, niche hobby or university event. We have a wide selection of labels you can take along with you. If you are looking for labels people can write on, we would suggest you choose any of our paper variety this includes paper, cream textured paper and brown Kraft paper as pen and pencil work excellently.

If you are looking for a label to stick on clothes at the event then we would suggest you pick our waterproof material as it has the strongest durability and adhesive strength in our range and will stay stuck to the clothes. The clear and textured paper also has strong durability and adhesive but of middle strength.

Brown Kraft paper labels are perfect for adding a rustic look, they are 100% recycled and eye-catching as they are usual. All our labels are 100% personalised, add your design and give us a call if you have any problems picking the material or uploading a design. We always love hearing from our customers.

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