Make your own Recyclable Stickers
Recycled Paper Labels

Create your own Recyclable Labels

Great news, almost all of our materials can be recycled! Choose from 9 recyclable sticker materials, any size and shape, upload a design and we'll print and deliver. Our recyclable materials are paper, plastic, textured, kraft, clear, recycled, removable, silver and gold. 

Are self-adhesive stickers recyclable? 
Whilst our sticker material is recyclable it is important to check with your local recycling centre to ensure they're able to process the stickers. Often, ink and adhesive are seen as contaminants and removed from the recycling process but the sticker material will continue on and be recycled.

How to make sure they're recycled
for best recycling outcomes attach the sticker to a similar material for example for a plastic bottle use a plastic sticker- they can then be recycled together. The same applies to a paper sticker and cardboard packaging or tissue paper. You also want to ensure that the sticker isn't bigger than the item it is on as this will ease it through the recycling process once the adhesive and ink are stripped. 

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Recycled paper labels for soap

Check out our premium vegan sticker materials

100% recycled paper our Kraft is perfect for organic, rustic or homemade products

Recycled paper labels for soap

With tiny recycled flecks in the paper, this biodegradable material is excellent for everyday needs

Personalise a sticker and add your logo. Give them customers or take to events