Make Personalised Straight Oval Stickers
Embrace your uniqueness with our straight oval stickers
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Make your own Personalised Straight Oval Stickers

Straight oval stickers look wonderful on many products however, bottles and jars are some of our favourites. Choosing an interesting sticker shape such as our straight oval is an effective way of making a lasting impression. Produced with a permanent adhesive which ensures your sticker lasts as long as you need. Order as little as you like or take advantage of our big discounts on large orders

Is your brand all about standing out and being different? If so, our straight oval stickers could be the winning formula you’ve been looking for. Straight oval stickers are a trendy alternative to more traditional shaped stickers and just like regular oval stickers, they can help to create a strong visual awareness of your brand.

Many of our Etsy sellers love to use straight oval stickers as they are a simple but effective way of differentiating themselves from competitors. Although they can be suited to almost any product (and we mean any!) we tend to find that they look great on bottles and jars, especially homemade jams. We want you to have the flexibility to embrace your creativity and design your sticker exactly as you want, which is why our online design tool gives you the blank canvas needed to pull your design together.

Top tip

Straight oval stickers in the portrait orientation work extremely well on bottles and offer something eye-catching different for customers. Need a little convincing? Why not take advantage of our sample stickers to ensure your design is just as perfect when printed, as it is through your computer screen!

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