Make Your Own Personalised Oval Stickers
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Make your own Personalised Oval Stickers

Oval stickers are perfect for logos, labelling and organising your products. Whether you’re looking to quickly brand your paper bags with some effective oval logo stickers, or you want to list the ingredients on the back of your homemade chutney jam, oval stickers can be extremely versatile, making them popular amongst our customers’ diverse product range.

Oval stickers look fantastic on products such as honey and jam jars, glass candles, and many of our cosmetics customers also use them on their beauty products. The oval shape offers something a little more alternative to our traditional circle and square-shaped stickers, and there’s no doubt that it makes a name, logo, or even list of ingredients, truly stand out.

If you’re looking to create some strong customer awareness for your brand, whilst being really trendy too, then the oval sticker is perfect for you. However, the oval shape is no secret. If you look around, you’ll see oval shapes on everything from t-shirts and baseball caps to the stickers on your apples in your fruit bowl!

Top tip

Some of our latest research suggests that parcels and packages with more than one sticker are most memorable to the customer. Perhaps you’ve already created your packaging, but you have one final message that you want your customer to remember – our oval sticker is a perfect way!

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