Custom Brown Labels & Stickers

Our brown blank labels are made from 100% recycled brown kraft paper which is very environmentally friendly and looks good. You can buy these on A4 sheets to print yourself or save yourself time and have your labels and stickers professionally printed by us and we will print them and ship them to you. Fully customise your brown label and sticker's size, shape and finish to make your vision a reality.

Design your kraft paper sticker

You may be wondering which design will look best on kraft labels. We recommend going for as much colour as possible as we use White underprint to make it pop, or keep it simple and classic with a simple and elegant design for a premium label.

Don't have time to design your own? See our templates

What are kraft labels?

Our brown sticker material is made from fully recycled paper and is completely vegan. Being a natural product, they have an incredible texture which gives a rustic look and feel. Each label will be unique, just like a fingerprint for a personal touch. They are biodegradable, recyclable and vegan. Kraft stickers are also splashproof and hardwearing.

These look amazing and stick perfectly to things like glass bottles, coffee pouches, candles and even cardboard packaging or envelopes. Kraft paper stickers are eco-friendly so they also pair well with eco-friendly products, especially when stuck to surfaces that are recyclable or compostable.


What can kraft labels be used for?

Kraft labels can be used for anything! We love seeing them used for candles, food packaging and even as thank you stickers to elevate your brand and add a premium and personal touch.

Choose a matt or no varnish finish for your brown stickers to ensure they can be easily handwritten on. This is great for personalising messages or products, check out our customer examples to see this in action. Choosing a finish for your kraft sticker also increases its durability.  Easily print yourself at home with blank sheets or use our professional print service and get them shipped straight to you.

Not sure what design you’d want to use? See our templates

How our customers are using our kraft labels

Related questions

What is a Kraft sticker?
A kraft sticker is a brown paper with permanent adhesive. Our kraft material is made from 100% post-consumer waste.

What colour looks good on kraft paper?
The colours that look good on kraft paper are either bright colours or simple black and white. 

In our professional print service, we use a white underprint under all colours - making the colours really vivid which looks great against a natural kraft background. However, some of our favourite designs are simple with black ink only, this works particularly well if you're printing from home.

Can you print on brown kraft paper?
You can print on brown kraft paper. You can either print on it using your own printer at home using our FREE software and templates to create the perfect design or save time and have it printed by our professional print service to give you your personalised labels and stickers. Alternatively, you can also handwrite on them...

Are kraft stickers eco friendly?
Kraft stickers are one of our most eco-friendly sticker materials. They're made from 100% recycled waste and can be recycled again after use, if they're not they're also biodegradable. To top it all off they're vegan too!