Make Your Own Wax Melt Labels
Create your own Custom Wax Melt Labels

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Create your own Wax Melt Labels

Create customised labels for your wax melt packaging. The popularity of wax melts has created a strong small business community dedicated to creating and selling unique high-quality batches. The moulds used for these batches vary from multiple small melts to bars. For clamshell packaging, you can use larger rectangle labels on the front to display your brand, scent and other useful information, attach a smaller label to the back with CLP information. For bags or packets of smaller individual wax melts, use a small round or square label on the front to hold your logo, company name and scent details plus a label on the back for CLP purposes. When creating wax melt bars packaging options vary between cardboard boxes or plastic pockets. For boxes, we'd recommend you use a square or rectangle label on the front with a CLP label on the back. Whereas on a plastic pocket using a large round label is the most popular choice within the wax melt community. 

Customise your wax melt labels by shape, size and material. When you're choosing a material you need to think about the longevity of the label once it reaches the customer. If your products are going to go through a lot then a durable label such as waterproof is best. Fortunately, wax melt packaging tends to be treated gently therefore our paper and recycled paper are both good options. If you're attaching labels in areas that need to be ripped when opened we'd recommend a paper label too. 

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