Craft Labels

Time to make your creations shine! Add your own labels to soap, pottery, paper

You can also personalise your labels and stickers.

Personalise your candles by adding professional logo labels or ingredients
Add a label to your jewellery creations to let customers know your brand
Use labels for gift tags or gifts to add a message. look at our material range
Look the professional pet food part and match your labels to your packaging
Add the perfect final touch for your customers, find our range
Label up your clothing. We recommend 'waterproof' for the strongest adhesive
Display your logo on your pottery and ceramic craft with professional labels
All our labels stick very well to paper or card, pick freely from all our material types
Whether for pens, paper, booklets or other stationary needs, take a look
CLP label
Create personalised labels for your CLP packaging
Create personalised labels for your wax melt packaging
Recycled paper labels for soap
Choose from 9 recyclable sticker materials including plastic, paper and metallic