Personalised Handmade By Labels
A final touch to products and packaging
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Create Custom Handmade By Labels

Handmade by labels are the perfect way to display your unique business callouts. If you're putting time and effort into creating products why not tell the world. In our research we found including information on labels about the origins of the product is important. The use of the word handmade tells your customer just how much love, time and effort went into making it plus shows it is a unique product of high quality. We recommend our recycled label material as it's great for the environment and would match any eco-conscious packaging you have plus print really looks great. If you're after a simple round label we recommend 40mm round or square as this s the best size to showcase your key callouts whilst maintaining plenty of labels per sheet. When designing your labels make sure to read our guide on label design to learn what's best practice. If you're looking for more great ways to level up your business promotions, why not check out our personalised business cards too. 

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