Shoe Labels

Anti-sweat & friction name labels that stay put!

Avery Shoe Labels are stick on name labels that can help your child identify his/her shoes in school, and make sure he/she comes home with the right pair! Our Shoe Name Labels are easy-to-use and hard-wearing – they are resistant to water, moisture and friction. So whatever activity your child decides to get into, you can be assured this Shoe Label will stay in place!

Avery School Labels are perfect to ensure your child’s belongings don’t get lost or mixed up in school. Parents want school items to last as long as possible, and avoid the cost and hassle of having to replace them when they get lost.

These stick on name labels are part of our new School Name Labels range which are great for keeping busy families organised!

Avery Shoe Labels
Avery Shoe Labels

Shoe Label Reviews

Don't just take our word for it - check out the reviews from customers!

Amazon Customer
Easy to use. Used a permanent marker to write name on label and adhered well. Standing test of time.
Most of the class have shoes the same size & colour as your son/daughter. For a few pounds they can be labelled neatly and the detective work can be eliminated. Great buy.
Amazon Customer
Love these, they have been worn in shoes for nearly a whole school year and are still stuck fast, they stay on water bottles and go through the dishwasher countless times, really good product
jo silver
These are great, easy to use, stick well and don't move.

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