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Customised Diamond Labels to make Your Products Shine

Spoiler alert: Our diamond labels are actually just square labels turned on their side. But that's ok! Personalise your diamond labels, keep the design at a slant so when we print them you'll be able to apply them as diamonds. This cool trick has been used by our small business customer boxxie bakes check out their feed to see how good these look and get some design inspiration.  Either create a label design with us or upload your own, you can also tilt our design gallery on its side and use those. 

Not sure what size of diamond label to choose? No problem, we recommend our most popular size 37 x 37mm or enter your enter your own custom size. As for material we have plenty to choose from, its best to suit your material to its use. Need something durable for your diamond labels then go for our waterproof material, if you're just after paper we recommend recycled as its just that bit better for the environment. 

We're here to help you choose the right label for you and make sure your labels are what you wanted. If there's any issues before or after you place and receive your order, give us a ring, email or DM and we'll do our very best to help you. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.  

Square jar Labels

A popular shape with our customers, we have a large range of sizes in all six materials

Round candle labels

Our most popular shape! Take a look at our selection and pick any round size up to 200mm

Hexagonal labels honey

We offer two hexagon labels (45 + 60mm) in all six materials, find which one suits you needs

Perfect to seal a jar or pot to keep products fresh, made from paper so they're easy to open