Place/Name Cards

Take the stress out of table planning

Are you looking for an easier and cheaper way to plan the tables for your wedding?

Well we have the perfect table solution for you. Avery Inkjet Place Cards are perfect for creating your own place cards for the table. Don't forget to add some custom stickers to make your wedding even more special.

Wedding table planning
Wedding table planning

Use our free online Design and Print software to create your personalised place cards from the comfort of your own home. You can choose from a range of our product templates on our design software or you can design your own.

When you have created your design you can type the names out individually or, if you have a large number of names, you can use the mail merge function in our software.

*If you're not sure how to use mail merge, see below for our step by step guide*

Wedding table planning

If you have a larger group is also might be handy to put menu choices on the back of the cards. Then you can check who ordered what food and there will be no confusion on the day. Again this can be done using the mail merge function or using the text tools in the software.

You could also use the place cards for buffet or drinks tables to show which food and drink are available for guests!

Wedding table planning

You also don’t need to worry about writing upside down! The software automatically flips the text on the back of the cards so that it reads correctly when folded.

Using the Design and Print software will make the task of creating personalised place cards much easier and quicker and you will be able to print them at home without any fuss!

Check out our Pinterest galley for further inspiration on creating the perfect event.

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Eco Friendly
Tent Cards L4794-10 Content: 40 Labels / 10 Sheet
120 x 45 mm
190 g/m²
All printer types
Place Cards C32253-25 Content: 100 Cards / 25 Sheet
40 x 110 mm
185 g/m²
All printer types
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