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No label is complete without a font that fits your brand's image. Luckily, Avery Design & Print Online software has plenty of font options for you to choose from.

This article walks you through the various styles of fonts our free designer has within it, and how to pick the best one for you.

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How to Choose the Right Font

The typography you use on your label communicates more than just words. The fonts, size, color and even combination of different fonts can express a mood, establish style and create an emotional connection with consumers. Here are some tips to help you select the right font for your brand.

Is there a difference between a typeface and font?
You may hear both words used to describe the type or lettering used in design, but they are actually two different things. The typeface describes the overall design and look of the characters.


Create a clean, understated look. 
This honey label pairs a script font with a sans serif font makes the product name stand out, while the simple text communicates information legibly.
Avery Bottle Label with interesting fonts

What’s your brand’s personality?

To choose the best font for you, you’ve got to know your brand. What’s the personality of your brand—is it fun, sophisticated or down-to-earth? What does your brand stand for? And how does it appeal to your target consumers?

  • Know your market and select fonts appropriate for your target.
  • Pair display fonts or script fonts with simple fonts so they don’t compete against each other.
  • Make sure your font is legible and meets regulatory standards for your product.
  • See how different fonts work with your imagery or graphics to find out what works best together.

Make sure the fonts you select create the right impression for your brand. Once you get a feel for what your brand is all about, it’ll be easier to find the right font or combination of fonts. 


Spotlight the hierarchy of information. 
The use of the script font for the brand name and display font for this wine label brings these elements to the forefront on the label.
Avery Design & Print Elegant Fonts

Simple, elegant and sophisticated

If you want to portray a simple elegance, consider fonts that are both orderly and classic, with narrow (but legible!) lines.

Avery Design & Print Elegant Fonts:

  • Lora
  • BodoniAnt
  • Garamond
  • Verdana
  • Scada
  • Scripts
  • Poiret One
Avery Design & Print Handwritten Fonts

Earthy and artisanal, with a slightly rustic vibe

Our recent research into what makes a successful label found that a handwritten font is very effective in helping customers warm to a brand. These fonts can foster perceptions of openness and friendliness.

Avery Design & Print Handwritten Fonts:

  • Bella Donna
  • Crafty Girls
  • Homemade Apple
  • LuedickitalD
  • Loved by the King
  • Shadows into the Light
  • Sue Ellen Francisco
  • Waiting for the Sunrise
Avery Design & Print Playful Fonts

Playful and personable

Looking for something a bit more quirky? Why not opt for more high-spirited fonts with oscillating highs and lows, plenty of curves, and a hint of embellishment.

Avery Design & Print Handwritten Fonts:

  • Lakki Reddy
  • Princess Sofia
  • Pacifico
  • Gasoline Alley
  • Lobster Two
  • Crafty Girls
  • Creepster
Avery Design & Print Eclectic  Fonts

A bit edgy

Sometimes you need a font that is representative of a certain industry or feeling.

Avery Design & Print Eclectic Fonts:

  • Special Elite
  • Bubblegum Sans
  • Report
  • Graduate
  • Butcherman
  • FingerPaint
Avery Design & Print Modern  Fonts

Modern and bold.

Keep it simple with modern font types that appeal to the majority. Consider more angular, industrial-style fonts, with a uniform structure.

Avery Design & Print Modern Fonts:

  • Raleway
  • Gills San
  • Bernhard Fashion
  • InLove
  • Poiret One
  • Scada
  • Endurance Pro
  • Julius Sans One

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