Avery Downloadable Templates

Instructions and Guides

Avery have worked in partnership with Microsoft® for over 30 years to help you create the perfect labels. You can find all Avery products within Microsoft® Word® itself, or you can download individual blank templates from our site.

To help you work with the templates you download, below you will find various help guides and articles regarding Microsoft Word, as well as our own Avery Software: Design & Print Online.

Avery Templates for Microsoft Word
You can find Avery templates in Microsoft Word
All Avery product templates, such as labels, business cards, dividers and name badges can be found within in Word. This Step by Step guide shows you how.
Avery Design & Print Template Software
This Step by Step Guide will walk you through the basic features of our free online software
Avery Design & Print Software
To help ensure you get the best print results possible, follow these 6 printing tips
Design & Print is Avery's free template software
Find out what you can create with our free software.