Use your labels to make customers think

Encourage them to act or buy

Once you’ve achieved stage two of attracting attention you now need to make customers think and encourage them to act or buy.

There are five key ways in which you can do this

Avery Product Labels
introduce emotion to your labels


Positive emotions ‘rub off’ on items through a process known as emotional contagion.

Using an expression of emotion such as ‘love’ or ‘joy’ on a custom sticker or label can help a customer warm to your brand.

The use of emotive images such as hearts or faces is another method of achieving this.

show important information on your labels


Make sure you convey key information clearly.

Whilst exciting and inviting imagery are important, consumers do still value rational information like price, origin, quantity, contents and benefits of a product.

Our research found that informational labels are particularly important when it comes to conveying price and deals.

prime your customers


Consumers will take their cues about how to perceive and respond to an item like a parcel from the labels it has.

Before they even open it up, a label will prepare their expectation and level of excitement.

A label suggesting high quality can lead to increased product consideration and perception and it works both ways – a cheap design can suggest a cheap product.   

Give customers a shortcut reason to buy your product


Consumers rely on mental ‘shortcuts’ to quickly and effectively make decisions in a busy world.

If your label includes a recommendation or endorsement or shows evidence of awards then people are more likely to make the purchase.

make your customers curious to draw interest


There is a sudden spike in brain activity when we encounter something that does not immediately make sense or which needs to be ‘worked out’.

Teaser labels that engage the brain and pose questions about the package contents, for example, “What’s inside?” or “Open me” can increase response rates.

every label tells a story