Simple Shoe Labelling

Let Avery help to get you on the right foot...literally!

Avery Shoe personalised Labels and stickers are a great way of labelling your favourite footwear.

If you've ever had the headache of children coming home with the wrong shoes then we have the solution for you!

Avery Shoe Labels
Avery Shoe Labels

Label it, don't lose it!

Children have the uncanny ability of being able to misplace these belongings in school, worst of all shoes!

So to make life a little easier why not use Avery Shoe Labels to label up your kids shoes?

These labels are ideal for identifying all types of shoes - leather, plastic/ etc.

Avery Shoe Labels

Sweaty feet resistant!

Avery Shoe Labels are ultra-adhesive labels are resistant to water, moisture and friction.

This means they won't become unstuck by being in contact with sweaty feet making them perfect for P.E. or sports shoes!

For durable marking use permanent marker

Avery Shoe Labels

Learning left from right

Another great way to use these labels is to teach younger children which shoe goes on which foot.

Simply add 'Left' or 'Right' to the label so children can easily learn how to put their shoes on correctly.

They'll love being able to put their own shoes on first time!

Avery Shoe Labels

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