Avery Pen Labels

Don't lose it, label it!

Avery personalised Pen Labels and stickers are ideal for identifying pencils and pens... (the dream for mum and dad)! With their soft material, these labels mould to rounded shapes of pens!

You can chose from our green and blues pack, which are cool for school. Or our pink and purple set, which will brighten up any pencil case.

They resist everything for durable marking, even the school bag, which says a lot!

Avery Back to School Label Range

Pen Labels

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Avery Pen Labels

Product Code: RESM130G.UK
Colours: Green/Blue
Label Size: 50 x 10 mm

Avery Pen Labels

Product Code: RESM130F.UK
Colour: Pink/Purple
Label Size: 50 x 10mm