Ideas for keeping the kids entertained over the summer holiday

Six things to try over the next six weeks

The summer holidays are here and it’s time to get planning for six weeks of fun with the family. It can be a challenge to keep the little ones occupied throughout the entire summer, so we have come up with a list of ideas to help you plan the perfect break to keep you and the family entertained:

Summer Activities Pack

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1. Have a plan: There’s nothing worse than getting to each morning and worrying about how you are going to stop the kids from saying “I’m bored” every 10 minutes. Start the holiday by asking the children to share ideas of things they would like to do over the summer and plan out your activities over the 6 weeks. You could create a checklist of ideas to remind them of all the fun things they can look forward to.

2. Create a boredom jar: At the start of the school holidays encourage each child to think of ideas for activities they can easily do around the home. When they say the words “I’m Bored” they have to randomly pick a card from the jar and do what’s on that card, which could be anything from baking, getting out the craft box, watching a film, playing on the Wii, or walking the dog. For extra ease, why not download Avery’s free Summer Activity pack for an easy and readily available selection of fun activities to try at home with the kids! Summer Activities Pack PDF

3. Keep an eye on the weather forecast: Whilst it’s not always the most reliable, the forecast does give you some idea of which days will be better than others. Plan all your outdoor activities for the dry days and save movie afternoons and crafty sessions for those rainy days. However, rainy days outside can still be fun…stick on your wellies and head to find some puddles to jump in. The kids will love it!

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4. Try and meet up with friends. Play dates will give your children the opportunity to socialise and play with other kids (and, hopefully, expend plenty of energy!). As an added bonus, this also frees up your time for some adult conversation.

5. Create a binder of all the things you have done together so you have lots of memories to look back on. This could include tickets from days out, brochures from tourist attractions, and photos. It also helps you remember all the enjoyable times in those moments when your house feels like it’s upside down and the children have spent the last few hours arguing.

6. Savour every single moment: It may feel like a lifetime right now but soon it will be over, so don’t forget to enjoy quality time with your little ones. Before we know it, we’ll be thinking about new school shoes and back to the school run, wondering where the time has gone. 

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