Freezer Labels 63.5 mm x 33 mm, freezer-proof
Avery Freezer Labels
Avery Freezer Labels
  • 63.5 mm x 33 mm, 24 labels per pack
  • With special low temperature adhesive, these labels resist up to -20°C
  • Great for those families who like to prep their food for the week
  • Not suitable for putting onto a defrosting item

Freezer labels are part of our new home range!

We have a wide range from clever labels to organise, and identify. To decorating everyday objects, to give the personal touch.

Why do we love the product? Our handy self-adhesive freezer labels, These freezer labels are ideal for identifying and dating your plastic boxes and frozen bags. Thanks to their special low-temperature adhesive, these Freezer labels resist up to -20°C!.

Label Size63.5 mm x 33 mm
Special FeaturesFreezer-Proof
Printer TypeHandwriting