Waste Bin - Original 342 mm, light grey

Content6 Sets
Waste Bin - Original 20LGRY
Waste Bin - Original 20LGRY
  • Lightweight but strong Waste Bins.
  • 20 Litre capacity.

Need to get rid of some rubbish in your workplace? Get your office looking spic and span with this neat and sturdy office bin. What if you need different coloured bins for different types of waste? This bin is available in black and grey so you could put paper in the grey bin and general waste that can’t be recycled in the black bin? So not only will you have a tidy office, with a recycle bin you will be helping the environment too

Dimensions342 mm
Content6 Sets
Colourlight grey
Made fromPolypropylene
Eco-friendlyPVC-free, Recyclable

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