Price Gun

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  • Robust yet lightweight hand-labelling machines
  • come with a roll of permanent labels and an ink cartridge
  • Tamper-evident label roll
  • Easy-to-load with full easy-to-follow instructions
  • Dust cover protects labels from dirt and damage
  • Price Gun PL2/18
  • PLP2-18 5014702023316 appl1
  • Price Gun PL2/18
  • PLP2-18 5014702023316 appl1


Avery Price Guns are an easy way to price and promote your products. Individually price-mark, batch-code or date-stamp a wide range of products quickly and efficiently. This lightweight and versatile price gun comes as a starter kit which includes a roll of 1,200 permanent, tamper evident, labels and an ink cartridge so is ready to use straight away.

This double-line gun prints numbers 0-9, dates and symbols including: Kr, €, £, St, %, Kg, Art, ., /, -, Gr, Simply turn the dial, click the trigger and stick your labels to your products. This gun uses Avery price gun labels which are available as either removable, or as tamper evident with a permanent adhesive.


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